Need to disentangle your life ? 

Need to disentangle your life ? 

  • Always short on time to run your errands ? 

  • No matter how fast you run, you can't achieve everything during your day ? 

  • There is no one out there to pick up your flowers or medicine or bring your shirts from the dry cleaners ?

With myAlfred, you focus on your tasks, while Alfred takes care of everything you need.

Try it now !

How can he help you ?

Pick-up a Package

Pick-up Clothes
from the Dry Cleaners

Buy Medecine from the Pharmacy

Deliver flowers

Or any other service you need help with, reach out to Alfred to help you out!

How does it work ?

1. Create your errand

Choose how will
you use myAlfred today

2. Chat with your Alfred

Get connected to an Alfred
& give him some details
about the errand

3. Get your delivery

Confirm the errand
& get delivered

Available Errands

Use our menu to place an order online, or phone our store to
place a pickup order. Fast and fresh food.

Available cities

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